About the NSB Group

The NSB Group

The NSB Group is one of the biggest transport groups in Norway. The parent company, NSB AS, is owned by the State via the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The group’s head office is in Oslo, while its activities take place throughout most of Norway and parts of Sweden.

  • The group currently works with passenger rail services, buses, freight trains and experienced-based tourism.
  • President and CEO Geir Isaksen
  • Operating revenue NOK 14,990 million
  • Operating profit NOK 773 million
  • Gjennomsnittlig antall ansatte: 10 992
  • Gjennomsnittlig antall årsverk: 8928

Nettbuss AS

The enterprise comprises the parent company Nettbuss AS, which has 28 subsidiaries and 7 associates. The bus enterprise operates transport services in almost all counties in southern and central Norway. The Swedish arm of the enterprise operates primarily in south-west Sweden.

Its main enterprise involves providing scheduled services on routes on behalf of public tenderers. Nettbuss has a market share of some 30 per cent in the Norwegian bus market. As well as providing scheduled services, Nettbuss also operates express coach services, airport coach services, tour buses and workshop operations.

  • CEO Ole Engebret Haugen
  • Total operating revenue: NOK 6,075 million
  • Operating profit: NOK 264 million
  • Average number of employees: 6,822
  • Average number of full-time equivalents: 5,278
  • Number of journeys made with Nettbuss in 2017: 122 million
  • Number of kilometres travelled: 175 million

NSB Persontog

This enterprise is made up of NSB AS and its subsidiaries NSB Gjøvikbanen AS and Svenska Tågkompaniet AB. Ownership of Norske Tog AS, Entur AS and Mantena AS, which maintain ownership of rolling stock for passenger services, operation of sales and ticketing systems and maintenance of passenger trains, was transferred to the Ministry of Transport and Communications in early 2017 as a consequence of the Railway Reform. All rail routes in Norway will be put out to tender from 2018 onwards.

  • Group Director Arne Fosen
  • Operating revenue: NOK 7,966 million
  • Operating profit: NOK 558 million
  • Average number of employees: 3,715
  • Average number of full-time equivalents: 3,206
  • Number of journeys made with NSB Persontog: 70 million


CargoNet is Norway’s biggest transporter of freight by rail and offers eco-friendly freight transport in Norway and to and from Sweden. The company provides combined transport (regular transport services between major towns and cities in southern Norway and to and from northern Norway) and system transport (special trains for industrial customers working with iron ore, timber and aviation fuel, for example), as well as operating terminals linked with this.

  • CEO Erik Røhne
  • Operating revenue: NOK 1,027 million
  • Operating profit: NOK 49 million
  • Average number of employees: 455
  • Average number of full-time equivalents: 444


Reiseliv sells fjord and mountain adventures and cultural experiences to Norwegian customers, tourists and international tour operators. Most of these activities are run via the partly owned companies Flåm utvikling and Fjordtours. Reiseliv is working on developing more attractive tourist packages involving travel by rail, road and sea together with local tourism companies, and its services should be available via a digital tourism portal.

  • Group Director Marianne Broholm Einarsen
  • Number of passengers on the Flåm Line in 2017: 990,000
  • Average number of employees: 8
  • Average number of full-time equivalents: 7.5