We want smarter travel

The transport sector is changing more quickly than ever before. The NSB Group wants to make life easier for our customers by using new technology and offering door-to-door travel.

The biggest, fastest change in the transport sector that the world has ever seen is right on our doorstep. Electrification, digialtisation, the green shift and autonomous transport will turn people’s everyday travel upside down.

At present, transport is the world’s biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions. And at the same time, populations are being concentrated. The traffic jams are enormous, and parking takes up a lot of space. Autonomous cars, electric cars and car sharing are important elements in the solution. However, in our view the public transport of the future is every bit as important as the cars of the future. Public transport is the most sustainable way to travel and takes up the least amount of space.

We are on our way, but there is still much to do. We want to make public transport a simpler, smarter choice for more people.

Customers demand more – luckily

As the world changes, we can see our customers are expecting more from us. Most people are used to getting most things done quickly with their smartphones. They want to travel easily and comfortably from door to door. What our customers want is right at the top of our agenda. More stringent demands can help us to improve.

We are focusing on new technology to create seamless, door-to-door travel. We call this the Smart Journey. This will make public transport and rail freight services more attractive.

Good for our customers, good for the environment.

Stronger together

To be able to offer our customers the best travel and best freight transport, we have to cooperate across the NSB Group with bus, train and freight services, but also with other companies in the transport industry and beyond.

The NSB Group has already concluded pilot agreements with Nabobil and Bysykkel and become a partner to Mobilitylab, the new StartupLab initiative for transport entrepreneurs. We recently became co-owners of Applied Autonomy, an entrepreneurial company in Kongsberg that develops steering systems for driverless vehicles. Nettbuss will be able to participate in pilot projects involving autonomous buses as early as 2019.

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