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In 2017, the NSB Group reduced greenhouse gas emissions in Norway comparable to the annual emissions of 340 000 cars. We can do even more for the green shift.

Greenhouse gas emissions are perhaps the most crucial challenge of our age. The transport sector is responsible for one-third of greenhouse gas emissions in Norway. We have to reduce our emissions significantly if Norway is meet its target and become a low-emissions society by 2050. Hence sustainable transport is a key element in the NSB Group’s strategy. We call it the Green Journey.

Smart and attractive

Did you know …

our electric trains run solely on clean power?

For the NSB Group, the Green Journey is all about reducing the need for transport and avoiding polluting forms of transport, persuading more people to choose public transport or everyday travel and holiday, and using new technology designed to reduce emissions.

We give priority to fields where we can make a significant contribution to society and help to meet the UN’s sustainability targets. Our most important contribution to this green shift is to create door-to-door journeys that are so smart and attractive that as many as people as possible choose to travel by public transport.

Did you know …

The NSB Group currently operates in compliance with international standards and certification schemes in respect of the environment (ISO 14001), quality (ISO 9001), road safety (ISO 39001) and information security (ISO 27001), and we report on sustainability in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Could do even more

In 2017, the NSB Group saved 675,575 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, compared with what would have happened if all our passengers had driven instead. This is part of the reason as to why Ipsos MMI’s annual profile survey, “Store norske bedrifter” [Major Norwegian companies] names NSB as one of the best when it comes to corporate social responsibility and the environment. But even so, we could do even more to promote the green shift.

Our tourism initiative is helping to bring about more sustainable tourism by developing tourist destinations that combine rail and bus travel with local accommodation and places for people to visit. Norge i et nøtteskall [Norway in a nutshell] is a good example.

Did you know …

our emissions are down 21 per cent from 2015 to 2017?

We are working to transfer more freight away from our roads and onto our railways. This will result in cleaner air, less of a risk of accidents and fewer traffic jams on the roads. Freight train punctuality currently stands at 95 per cent, which is very high from a European standpoint. We are battling for the implementation of framework conditions that reward low emissions transport more extensively, rather than further growth in transportation of freight by road.

Hybrid trains and electric buses

The NSB Group specifies the strictest environmental requirements as regards procurement, leasing and cooperation. We are pleased to see that hybrid trains are on their way to Norway. Nettbuss is operating increasing numbers of buses that run on renewable fuel. Nettbuss will be operating autonomous electric buses in 2019. Our bus drivers and train drivers have digital tools to help them drive more efficiently.

We are proud to be making a positive contribution to sustainable development. And always working to become even greener.

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