Annual Report 2017

NSB Group’s main ambition is to create value for owner and society through effective, accessible, safe and environmentally friendly transport of people and goods.
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Statement from the Board and CEO regarding the annual report 2017

The Board of Directors confirm that to the best of our knowledge the condensed set of Group financial statements and the financial statements for the parent company for the period 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017 have been prepared in accordance with IFRS as determined by EU, with requirements of supplementary information in the Accounting Act, and that the information in the accounts give a true and fair view of the company’s
and Group’s assets, liabilities, debt, financial position and profit or loss as a whole.

The Board of Directors confirm that the annual report give a true and fair view of the development, profit and position for the company and the Group,
as well as a description of the most central risk- and uncertainty factors the company and the Group faces.