Ready for the best journey

NSB has changed. The Railway Reform implemented in 2017 incorporated many changes for our company. We shall compete on equal terms with other rail companies.

We ourselves shall be responsible for creating the future role of NSB. We have presented a new, ambitious strategy which is designed to combine and strengthen the group’s activities and advance us to become Scandinavia’s leading transport company. We have called this strategy “The Best Journey”.

In order to operate as a successful transport company in the future, we need to offer our customers the best journey, from door to door. At the same time we must be able to respond to the major challenges of our time which are associated with the climate, changes in living and travelling patterns and technological innovations in the fields of automation and communications. Customers and principals expect simple, seamless journeys, tailored digital communications and good customer services. One of our most important climate-challenge responses is the sharing of environment-friendly transport.

Developing and rebuilding
“The Best Journey” is an assertive, common group strategy designed to provide safe, green, smart, profitable journeys. This strategy is causing the NSB group to pull together in a new way. All our business areas, trains, busses, freight and tourism, operate in markets facing stiff competition. Where possible we will use our common resources in all these business areas in order to improve efficiency, cut costs and supply good solutions.

Mobility arrangements
Mobility and strategy have been picked out as a separate organisational unit within the group. It is our aim to become the leading Norwegian provider of mobility and door-to-door journeys. This is an ambitious aim, and in order to succeed we need to join forces with other operators, e.g. public transport companies and new innovative enterprises with ambitions to engage in automation and sharing modes of transport in the transport sector. We are convinced that NSB needs to face the challenges presented by increasing competition by interacting more closely, both internally and externally. This could result in new organisational solutions where NSB will become involved in partnerships with others.

Good results in a demanding year
We have just put another year behind us during which we saw an increase in train and bus journeys and we are posting good financial results. Furthermore, our customers are saying that they are more than satisfied. However, passenger train delays during the last few months have resulted in substantial problems for our customers. This was mainly caused by faulty signal systems and power supplies, despite having invested billions of krone on improving our infrastructure over the last few years. We have no doubts about Bane NOR’s determination to resolve these problems, but we are forced to note that no results are yet forthcoming.

Poor results for freight trains
The situation for our freight train operator, CargoNet, is demanding. Competition is tough and the major freight operators are losing money. We believe that this situation will change. Growth will occur for rail freight because goods trains are the safest, most environment-friendly way of transporting goods. We will also continue to improve and develop our services in order to strengthen this company.