More public transport for the money

The NSB Group is used to issuing tenders. We have been awarded contracts to operate passenger rail services in Sweden, buses in Norway and Sweden and freight trains in Norway. Even so, tendering for the contract to operate passenger rail services in Norway involves a major change for the group.

Major changes require innovation and cooperation. Now that rail services are put out to tender in Norway as well, the group’s business units will be much more alike. This means we will be able to work together and try to improve a little every day, so that overall we can provide better public and freight transport for the money.

Improvements right the way along the line

Cost control and streamlining are prerequisites if we are to succeed in a transport sector in which we face increasingly tough competition. Within the NSB Group, we call this the Profitable Journey. This is all a matter of reducing costs and increasing revenues.

We can increase revenues by offering our customers the best journeys so that they come back to us and recommend us to others. We can reduce costs by means of major improvement programmes at the business units and by constantly improving operations. We are also using technology and digitisation to improve work processes and increase cooperation between our business units.

The desire to win

Being awarded tenders is a skill in itself. We have been developing our tendering skills within Nettbuss for almost twenty years, with a great deal of success. In 2017, we were awarded major bus contracts in Trondheim and Stjørdal in Norway and Jämtland and Härjedalen in Sweden.

Tågkompaniet, our Swedish subsidiary, has been tendering for passenger rail services for more than 18 years. We were awarded Krösatågen, an important contract in Sweden, in the autumn of 2017. We are using our Swedish experience to prepare for tendering in Norway. First up is the South package (the Sørlandet Line, the Jæren Line and the Arendal Line), and contracts for this will be awarded in June 2018. Other passenger rail services will be put out to tender over the next few years.

We have to do everything in our power to deliver even better passenger experiences aboard trains, at a lower cost. We have to learn from our bus business and Tågkompaniet so that we have the best possible chances of being awarded more contracts.

Freight transport by rail is best

One freight train can be used in place of 25 trailers. Transporting freight by rail is good for road safety and good for the environment. There is plenty of competition, particularly from trailers, and the entire industry is experiencing low profitability. Our response to this is to improve our services still further and help to bring about better framework conditions for the entire industry. To do our best for our customers and the environment.

Competition and reduced costs are helping us to think along new lines and work together more closely. This will place us in an even better position from which to meet the needs of our future customers.

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