Major changes in the pipeline

The transportation sector has rarely changed as quickly as it is doing at the moment. We are dealing with these changes by means of a new strategy that aims to make it easier and more attractive to choose eco-friendly public transport.

Electrification, digitalisation and the green shift will turn people’s travelling habits upside down in future. As this development progresses, our customers have increasingly high expectations of us.

The NSB Group has changed significantly as a consequence of the Railway Reform Norske Tog AS, Entur AS, Rom Eiendom AS and Mantena AS were hived off from the Group in the first half of 2017. All rail routes in Norway will be put out to tender over the next few years. All this requires a new direction in the NSB Group and will bring about major changes for NSB Persontog.

The NSB Group has developed a new strategy in 2017, known as the Best Journey. The strategy is based on our customers and their needs. It describes the structuring we need to undergo in order to offer our customers the best journey with a view to coming out on top in the future.
This strategy includes four “secondary journeys”:

  • 1. The Smart Journey
  • 2. The Green Journey
  • 3. The Safe Journey
  • 4. The Profitable Journey

More information about these four journeys can be found in the annual report.
The new NSB Group has four business areas: Buses (Nettbuss), passenger rail services (NSB Persontog), rail freight (Cargo Net) and tourism.

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