A safe choice

Every day, more than 600,000 customers demonstrate their trust in us by travelling with us or sending their freight with us. We know that safe travel and transport are a must if they are to go on choosing us.

The safety of our customers and staff is always a priority. We have the same Vision Zero approach to the transport sector as the authorities – what we do must not lead to serious harm or loss of life. But safety involves more than just road safety. It also involves safeguarding information on customers or staff to ensure it does not end up in the wrong hands, and doing everything in our power to ensure that our customers and freight arrive on time. Our aim is to become an industry leader when it comes to HSE. All this must form a basis for the Safe Journey.

Road safety in our blood

Road safety is at the very heart of our culture and management systems. It is in the blood of anyone who drives a bus, passenger train or freight train. A good safety culture is dependent on trust and good reporting of unwanted incidents so that the entire organisation can learn. To make reporting as easy and as effective as possible, all operational train crews – for example – have access to a new app (Synergi Life) on their togbrett accounts where they can monitor the processing of cases submitted and view what measures have been implemented.

Both our bus and passenger rail services hold ISO accreditation in terms of both quality and environment. Our bus services also hold ISO accreditation for road safety, and we are currently working on certification in respect of information security.

Safe customers and staff

Safety also involves passengers or freight being looked after well. Trains or buses must arrive on time, the digital solutions we invite customers to use must be secure, and the quality of the travel we offer must be equally high every time they travel. Our customers must feel secure in the knowledge that our drivers, conductors and train drivers are competent and provide a good service.

This requires motivated, secure staff who all help to implement the group’s ambition to create the best travel for our customers.

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