Important events, 2017


Significant reduction in assets as a consequence of the Railway Reform
Ownership of rolling stock has now been transferred to Norske Tog AS. The assets belonging to Rom AS have been transferred to Bane NOR AS and combined at Bane NOR Eiendom.
New strategy
The transport sector is facing many major changes and needs to become more eco-friendly. Moreover, NSB as a company has changed as a consequence of the Railway Reform. Both of these have resulted in NSB's management developing a new strategy for the company in 2017. This strategy is based on our customers and their needs, and we have dubbed it "The Best Journey".
New Group Management directors
Ole Engebret Haugen has been appointed CEO of Nettbuss. Arne Veggeland resigned from the same position on 1 August. Erik Røhne is the new CEO for CargoNet as of 1 November, replacing Arne Fosen. Arne Fosen is now heading NSB Persontog and replaces Tom Ingulstad, who is retiring.

Passenger trains

Tågkompaniet a winner in Sweden
Tågkompaniet is to be the new train operator for Krösatågen in Småland, Sweden. Services will commence on 9 December 2018. This contract runs until December 2027 and can be extended by up to three years. The traffic volume stands at around 5.5 million kilometres a year and involves both electric and diesel trains. Krösatågen passengers make around three million journeys a year.
NSB has worked with NRK and Bane NOR on Sommertoget. Eight hectic weeks in summer saw the broadcasting of 40 live shows on NRK1, which were "minute-by-minute broadcasts". Sommertoget attracted a lot of positive attention from the media and the general public and promoted rail travel and Norwegian railway lines.
New pension agreement
In December, the Board of NSB AS adopted a new pension scheme for NSB AS and Gjøvikbanen AS employees from 2019. This scheme means that employees aged 55 or over before 1 January 2019 will keep their current NPRA pension scheme. Staff aged under 55 on 1 January 2019 will have a defined-contribution scheme.


Lots of tenders decided
Nettbuss was assigned to services in Stjørdal and Meråker. In Trondheim, Nettbuss was awarded a contract as part of the tendering procedure for Greater Trondheim. The company emerged victorious in Nordhordland as well, signing a contract with Skyss. In Sweden, Nettbuss was awarded a contract covering 100 buses in Jämtland and Härjedalen. The company lost contracts for services in Hadeland and Kristiansand.
Contract launch in Moss
Nettbuss has started operating services in Moss using 36 biogas buses after having been awarded a contract. These services are operating in the municipalities of Moss, Rygge and Våler. 65 per cent of Østfold buses will run on biogas when the new buses have all been commissioned.


Best delivery quality ever for CargoNet
The quality of deliveries to customers has never been higher for CargoNet. The company delivered 95 per cent punctuality in 2017 (delays of max. 15 minutes). Targeted efforts to improve delivery quality, including departure quality from terminals and punctuality on the move, have brought about major improvements of the last three years (90 per cent in 2015, 94 per cent in 2016).
Safer local environment when water travels by rail
CargoNet and Voss Production are working together for a safer local environment and an efficient transport system that can handle increased volumes of water to international markets. Voss water, which is produced at Vatnestraumen, used to be transported on a road network unsuitable for larger, heavy vehicles. With this new rail solution, life is quieter and more efficient for Voss Production and the local environment and families in Vatnestraumen and Vennesla now see less heavy traffic on narrow roads and travelling through densely populated routes and on school roads.
CargoNet awarded Nordic Rail Express contract
CargoNet was awarded a contract for operating Nordic Rail Express (NRE) trains for Schenker between Oslo and Narvik, with up to six weekly departures. Groceries and fresh fish account for most of the freight to be transported. Particular emphasis was placed on the delivery quality requirement as part of this tender procedure, and CargoNet was awarded the contract in the face of strong competition from other railway operators.
New contract with Biltema
CargoNet was awarded a contract in partnership with Bring Linehaul to transport freight for Biltema to Norwegian shops from Halmstad in Sweden. This contract involves transporting rail freight from Halmstad to Oslo and on through Norway. Biltema is pleased with the solution, and the scope is expected to be extended to include increasing numbers of shops.


Flåm Line growing
The Flåm Line had 990,000 customers in 2017, setting a new record. This represents fantastic growth during the summer season, but primarily outside the main season. The Flåm Line offers one of the steepest and most spectacular rail journeys, with a height difference of 865.5 metres.
FjordNorge on the increase
FjordNorge has seen excellent growth, and NSB's products via the Flåm Line and Fjord Tours AS have been involved in this. The greatest growth is seen outside the summer season. Fjord Tours AS is reporting an increase of no less than 70 per cent in the number of passengers in the 2017 Christmas holidays, compared with the previous year.